Bridging the gap between prison and the outside world

At South West Community Chaplaincy, we passionately believe that prisoners, and people who have served a prison sentence, deserve attention and care to help them get back on track.  We work with people of all faiths or none, helping them to bridge the gap between prison life and the outside world. In reality, for many of our clients, this gap can feel more like a gulf.

We work hard to build a strong relationship with a client within the prison walls and continue to provide ongoing support when they’re released, helping them to navigate the challenges of finding work and somewhere to live, and building a new life for themselves.

While SWCC is a faith organisation, our team of professionals and volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. We’re broadminded, committed to our clients’ success, and we promise a non-judgemental approach that brings hope to people in prison. In some cases, the faith support – and the link with a welcoming local faith community – that we provide makes all the difference to a person’s future.