Prisons Week 2020

This week is a busy week.  For a start, it’s ‘National Work Life Week’, about getting our work/ life balance right, and it’s also ‘Chocolate Week’ when we might . . . eat too much chocolate perhaps. Sunday, was ‘Handbag Day’, Tuesday was ‘Bring Your Teddy Bear to School and Work Day’ and Thursday is ‘Conflict Resolution Day’.

But more topically for the purposes of this blog, this week is Prisons Week 2020. 

The Community Chaplaincy movement nationally is one of the partners in the Prisons Week initiative, which for the last 40 years has provided an annual focus and reason for Christians to work together and make a difference for people within the world of criminal justice.

The theme for this year is ‘You are not alone’ and we are all invited to unite in prayer for the needs of prisoners and their families, victims of crime and their communities, those working in the criminal justice system and the many people who are involved in caring for those affected by crime on the inside and outside of our prisons.

From the Prisons Week Prayer Guide:

Let us pray for social connection and restored relationship and an openness to the generous love of God who longs to draw close to every individual person, treasured and known by name . . . . .

For more prayer ideas, please do visit the website, or go directly to the prisons week prayer guide:

And don’t forget to eat some chocolate too!